Business Ethics – What It Means to Me

Photo Credit: Cliff Hutson

Its funny how certain current events can really shed light on who people truly are. I’ve been meaning to write this post for some time, but I keep saving it as a draft, and then getting it back out, rewriting, saving. You get the picture. Its hard for me to write because I’m upset and […]

Back at the Lodge Podcast Now Available!!

Back at the lodge logo for iTunes

After a year or more in the making, I am proud to announce that my buddy, Jim Braaten (@Jim7226 for those of you on Twitter) and I FINALLY have our podcast available to to the world!! I give you “Back at the Lodge with Jim and Michelle.” An outdoor podcast unlike any other outdoor podcast. […]

The Infighting Must Stop

Judging others

Something is happening in the outdoor community that is spreading like a virus and needs to be stopped – now. Skeet shooters think trap shooters are amateurs. Bowhunters think all other forms of hunting (slug gun, rifle, crossbow) are mindless activities that require zero skill. DIY hunters think those that use guides are wussies with […]