The Infighting Must Stop

Judging others

Something is happening in the outdoor community that is spreading like a virus and needs to be stopped – now. Skeet shooters think trap shooters are amateurs. Bowhunters think all other forms of hunting (slug gun, rifle, crossbow) are mindless activities that require zero skill. DIY hunters think those that use guides are wussies with […]

7 Easy Ways to Work with Your Graphic Designer


I asked my bestie, who also happens to be a rockin’ graphic designer, to send me her biggest griefs when working with clients.  Michelle and I have worked together for 10 years, and I love working with her. She’s open and honest, and allows me be creative… and it doesn’t help that we both have interesting […]

Are You Effectively Using Social Media to Drive #SHOTShow Traffic?

Shot Show Success 2015

Are you using social media channels to drive SHOT traffic? And are you using them effectively? On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine – use the hashtag #SHOTShow. Many people just do a search on that hashtag to see the latest. In fact, I have a column on my TweetDeck page that is constantly refreshing tweets with […]