Calling All Outdoor TV Reviewers?

Photo courtesy of Robert S. Donovan

I’m not sure about you, but I get slammed with people asking about a job in the outdoor industry. Of course, most want something for nothing (you know, there’s that whole “work for it” thing) but others truly have talent in video, or photography and its STILL very hard to break in. Well, I discovered [...]

From One Amazing American Blogger to Another: Meet Red, Bright & True

I’m on a roll with meeting cool people in the political arena! Meet Red, Bright and True – a blogger from the East Coast who I’ve established a relationship with thanks to the “Amazing America with Sarah Palin” TV show on Sportsman Channel. (Note the season finale of AA is TONIGHT, May 29 at 8 [...]

From One Amazing American Blogger to Another: Meet Kevin Scholla


Part of my job that I really get a kick out of is getting to meet really cool people across all platforms and industries. With my work on the new Sportsman Channel series “Amazing America with Sarah Palin” I’ve been able to connect with fun, down-to-earth bloggers, writers and media in the political arena that [...]

Cream Can Cooking Basics

loading in the goodies!

In my last post, I talked about Dutch Oven Cooking basics I learned while at Ponca State Park cooking weekend in Ponca, Neb.  I also learned a very interesting cooking technique for large parties called “Cream Can Cooking.” I’ve never heard of this before, but after learning the basics, it is super easy and will [...]

Adopting a Military Working Dog (MWD)

Photo courtesy of Sportsman Channel

This week marks the premiere of Sportsman Channel’s latest TV series “Saving Private K9” hosted by R. Lee Ermey, aka The Gunny. (Thursday nights at 8:30 p.m. ET). The network is already receiving inquiries as to how and where civilians can adopt a Military Working Dog (MWD) and while there is MUCH information out there, [...]