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Having Fun? If Not, You Should Be

Kayaking the Lake of the Isles in downtown Minneapolis after a client meeting.

I had an interview last week with a sports team in Minneapolis. I realized half-way through the interview how much I was laughing or giggling through the questions and answers. It wasn’t a nervous laughter – this was just a phone screener, but I wanted to have fun on the interview and to see if…

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“On the Edge of Greatness”

About 6-7 years ago, I lunched with a collegue who was familiar with the outdoor industry, but really knew communications – especially media training and crisis comm. He intrigued me with his depth of knowledge and I certainly saw him as somewhat of a mentor. So he stunned me when, during this lunch, he said…

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10 Q’s with Cam Edwards, Host of NRANEWS Cam & Co

I am fortunate enough to ask cool people, like Cam Edwards, host of NRANEWS Cam & Co, if he would answer a few softball, quirky questions from me. I’m sure he said “yes” because A. I’m no Soladad and B. Cool people recognize other cool people pretty quick. (Really, I wanted to sit in his…

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One Year Later – A Review

It has been one year since I moved from Milwaukee to the infamous Twin Cities of Minnesota. And that means its also been one year now that I’ve been working from home. So its time for reflection. What I have learned: 1. I should have started a yogurt franchise because we now have two in our…

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Winners and Losers

With the Olympics over, I am mulling over the concept of winners and losers. More specifically that you can lose by a millionth of a second and you are in second place. You get no glory, no fame, but technically, aren’t you just as good as the first place winner? I don’t compete in things…

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