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Having Fun? If Not, You Should Be

Kayaking the Lake of the Isles in downtown Minneapolis after a client meeting.

I had an interview last week with a sports team in Minneapolis. I realized half-way through the interview how much I was laughing or giggling through the questions and answers. It wasn’t a nervous laughter – this was just a phone screener, but I wanted to have fun on the interview and to see if…

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An Ode to Magazines

I absolutely love magazines. I adore going to the nearest bookstore and browsing the colorful combination of style, substance and creativity. I can’t get over “5 ways to be clutter-free” or “The top 7 budget-friendly vacation spots.” But it’s not just the words that grab me – it’s the covers and the pretty pictures. I…

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How Moving Provides Lessons for Your “Day Job”

These past few days (weeks), I’ve been packing and sorting all my “stuff” in prep for the big move. Yesterday, hubby and I finally starting filling the POD and boy was that an adventure! I came to realize how this whole moving process gives lessons in doing well in your “day job” or running a…

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Why I Unsubscribed from Chris Brogan

Don’t get me wrong, I like Mr. Brogan. I like his blog posts, his e-newsletter and his Twitter feeds. His insights into social media, starting businesses and working effectively on projects are inspirational. So why did I click on the venerable “unsubscribe” button? I couldn’t take the backlog of blog posts piling up in my…

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HBO: You are Smart

For the past several weeks, my husband has been increasingly interested in the show “Pacquiao-Margarito 24/7” on HBO. And so, since we only have one TV in the house (shocker for some I realize) I was forced to watch the show as well. But a funny thing happened – I was entertained. The premise of…

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