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Interview with Melissa Bachman on Back at the Lodge Podcast

Golfing is such hard work - me on the left and Melissa on the right.

I will admit, my “job” has its perks! I had the great honor of chatting with Melissa Bachman in her home earlier in August. If you don’t know Melissa, you need to as she’s one of the nicest people in the industry and is SINCERELY interested in talking with you – no matter if she’s…

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10 Q’s with Cam Edwards, Host of NRANEWS Cam & Co

I am fortunate enough to ask cool people, like Cam Edwards, host of NRANEWS Cam & Co, if he would answer a few softball, quirky questions from me. I’m sure he said “yes” because A. I’m no Soladad and B. Cool people recognize other cool people pretty quick. (Really, I wanted to sit in his…

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That’s Your Definition – Not Mine

On my journey to SHOT Show last week, I had some time to think about how I “fit” into this industry. People want to peg you – put you in a slot. Perhaps its easier for our brains to file that away when we meet someone again.  Sometimes, well most of the time, I feel like I don’t fit into…

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When Seeking a Job/Career – Consider This Question

When considering changing careers – or looking for a new gig, you should consider this question: What job or industry has a trade show that would be your version of “kid in a candy store” or heaven? I just returned from SHOT (Shooting, Hunting & Outdoor Trade) Show in Las Vegas where the average guest…

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