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My Encounter with Benny Spies

Benny Spies and me

A few weeks ago I thought it would be “fun” to take a road trip to Watertown, SD and meet up with the soon-to-be-very-famous Benny Spies, host of a new series on Sportsman Channel “Gun It! with Benny Spies.” Traveling to South Dakota is fun for me – I love any chance I can get…

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Swearing in Outdoor TV: Yes, No, or It Happens?

Swearing does happen – especially when that shot doesn’t go right or something just spooked your 10-pointer. A quick under-the-breath word is said – or maybe its more of a shout in anger. Either way, for a G-Rated cable network, all swear words must be bleeped out. Unfortunately, most intelligent people can still figure out…

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Get Your Gameface On

I like this video by the folks at Heartland Bowhunter TV. I especially enjoy their videography. There are an increasing number of shows who are putting an emphasis on the editing and post-production. This certainly isn’t your “daddy’s” outdoor TV shows anymore. These guys are realizing that takes a nanosecond to lose someone’s attention. So…

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Wing Man of the Pig Man – Part II

This is the second part of a guest blog post by Justin Cook, Business Manager for Pig Man of Pig Man: The Series. Justin will now dive into day-to-day operations of keeping Pig Nation in tip-top form. A day as the wing man of the Pig Man now is much different than it would have…

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Overqualified? Never. A Deeper Look at “Sportsmen” TV

This is a guest post by our Communications Intern, Greg Brey. He wasn’t sure if PR/Communications was his “thing,” but I think he has a great start with excellent storytelling skills! A close friend of mine was laid off from a high-ranking position at a phone company last year, joining the now 14.6 million (9.5%)…

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