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100 Things to Do in 2014

100 Things to Do in 2014 – or maybe 60ish things because that’s all I could come up with right now. In my usual gathering of documents and books and websites and blogs and so on in prepping for how I will “be better” in the New Year, I ran across a document titled “100…

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Do Well at Your Job

Hiring managers want one thing from a prospect – someone who loves their current job and doesn’t want to leave. In fact, the more that person doesn’t want to leave, the more the hiring manager wants them to fill THEIR position. But it’s not just a fact of loving your job – you actually have…

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Secrets of Outdoor Communicators, Part One

If you didn’t attend last week’s Southeastern Outdoor Press Association (SEOPA) Conference, you are in luck as I studiously took notes during one the highlights of the conference: a session with iconic outdoor communicators. The four gentlemen I am highlighting are Wade Bourne, J. Wayne Fears, John Phillips and Mark Sosin. The panel had probably 100…

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